Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finishing the Werewolf

Here's the finished Werewolf.

 I added leaves, flowers and berries to the base.

 At the back of the base I added tiny bushes.

 Fixing the whites of the eyes,

 Painting the hands black.

 Adding detail to the eyes.

Blending the fur.

Adding details to the fur.

 Sculpting the nose from polymer clay.

Painted the nose black and glued it on.

Adding the claws.

The locket containing the girl with a pearl earring photo and a lock of hair.

 Making the pearl earring from polymer clay and nail polish.

Adding the blood.

 Werewolf hand with it's gory prize.

Adding blood to the teeth.

 The girl from the locket's hand print over the werewolf's heart.

Finishing detail.

 Painted the edge of the ear.

All done.

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